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The Vision

How do we celebrate Black British historical figures if we don’t know who they are? 

How would we know who they are when we’re not being taught about them? 

These are the questions I would ask and heard from others. In 2018 Black British history still remains on the margins of British history, although we are seeing great strides being made to make the history accessible and visible. 

Learning about Black British history is a solitary for some and if it doesn't take place at school; in a book club or amongst others you can find yourself alone in your discovery. For this reason I envisioned creating a completely different experience for people where learning would be fun, social and informal. 

Culture Shock is for families, friends, students, tabletop gamers and card game lovers. Every pack includes 52 question cards relating to Britain’s black firsts, key figures and events. 

The game is for 2+ players, ages 11 and over. You can play Culture Shock as individuals or in teams. If there are only two game players present; deal the cards out equally and take turns asking the questions on the cards. You also have the option of appointing a quizmaster if there are more than two players present. 

It's the ideal game to play in a classroom, while travelling, on games night, etc.

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